Projects initiated all over FSU volunteer centers

'Our Hands Can Do Everything' thumbnail

Our Hands Can Do Everything

Organizing and conducting creative workshops for the elderly and volunteers with the aim of socialization.

Chisinau / Moldova
'IT Grandma' thumbnail

IT Grandma

Conducting classes for the elderly to teach computer literacy.

Chisinau / Moldova
'The "Healthy Breakfast" Project' thumbnail

The "Healthy Breakfast" Project

The primary goal of the Healthy Breakfast project is to provide healthy food assistance to elderly individuals at risk within the community.

Chisinau / Moldova
'Positive Dialogues' thumbnail

Positive Dialogues

A new project aims to improve psychological well-being.

Almaty / Kazakhstan
'Theater Enthusiasts' thumbnail

Theater Enthusiasts

Overcoming Loneliness and Socializing Elderly People Through Art

Rybnita / Moldova
'Project "Bohemia"' thumbnail

Project "Bohemia"

Overcoming loneliness among the elderly through art

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Project "Gall Center"' thumbnail

Project "Gall Center"

Gall Center takes "sponsorship" over lonely elderly community members.

Pavlodar / Kazakhstan
'Shabbat as a Separate Form of Art' thumbnail

Shabbat as a Separate Form of Art

The program involves studying the tradition of the Jewish Sabbath and its celebration!

Almaty / Kazakhstan
'Call Center 2024' thumbnail

Call Center 2024

The updated format of calls and communication over the phone with the elderly

Chisinau / Moldova
'Art Studio Theater of Three Generations' thumbnail

Art Studio Theater of Three Generations

Maintaining connection and uniting different generations through collaborative creativity

Vitebsk / Belarus
'Workshop' thumbnail


Thanks to the help of volunteers, the lives of lonely elderly people become easier and happier.

Gomel / Belarus
'Online Project "Comedy Club"' thumbnail

Online Project "Comedy Club"

Socialization of elderly people, overcoming loneliness among the elderly through online meetings.

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Holiday in Every Home' thumbnail

Holiday in Every Home

Socialization of elderly people, social inclusion of elderly people in the modern life of the community

Tiraspol / Moldova

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