FSU volunteer centers documents

Psychological need

About social needs, example on the Maslow Pyramid

Defining goals

Building a plan for effective personal interaction

Individual qualities of a leader

Test will help you to understand your leader skills

Non-formal education

Examples, tools and principles of non-formal education

Critical thinking

Big brother project Guide, creative thinking and imagination test

Volunteer projects creating

The example of the structure of volunteer projects

Community project: terminal vocabulary and stages

Identifying the needs of community members and how to address them

Technologies of project planning

The order of steps necessary to create a project

How to create project?

Template for presentation of social project

Shabbat. Time architecture

Materials which can be used for preparing Shabbat lessons

Labor economics demography, social economy and politics

Social entrepreneurship and social responsibility: definition, criteria and regulation in Ukrainian

Volunteering during COVID-19

In this presentation you will find the best tools to manage volunteers

Check list for virtual volunteers

This is a check list for volunteers who are active in online area

Community: needs and resources

Needs on the Community level

Best practices in FSU

Brochure about best projects in FSU from the Volunteer conference in 2016

Check list for volunteers

Here you will find a great check list for volunteers during the pandemic

The voice of age

The model of volunteer project for different age target audience

Great projects during COVID-19

Here we presented great practices from the volunteers centres FSU.

Identifying the needs of the target audience

Form for the target audience to define and understand what a need is, a request for support

Determining Community needs

Stages of determining needs and their satisfaction

Work with elderly people

Attracting elderly people in the Community life back

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