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'Mishloach Manot in Pavlodar' thumbnail

Mishloach Manot in Pavlodar

During Purim, it's important not only to rejoice ourselves but also to bring joy to our loved ones.

Pavlodar / Kazakhstan
'Video Project "Chronicle of Generations"' thumbnail

Video Project "Chronicle of Generations"

All three parts of the video project consist of memories of elderly community members.

Almaty / Kazakhstan
'Good Deeds Day in Moldova 2024' thumbnail

Good Deeds Day in Moldova 2024

9900 volunteers participated in the Good Deeds Day across 125 localities in Moldova!

Chisinau / Moldova
'Purim in Tashkent' thumbnail

Purim in Tashkent

Volunteers organized several events for the joyous holiday of Purim.

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'Purim Cartoon' thumbnail

Purim Cartoon

Our team of enthusiasts from IMPROmedia proudly presents their first animated video of the year, dedicated to the history of Purim.

Chisinau / Moldova
'The Ensemble's Debut' thumbnail

The Ensemble's Debut

For Purim, the members of the Yahad Ensemble prepared their first musical performance.

Chisinau / Moldova
'Bring Joy 5784' thumbnail

Bring Joy 5784

From March 1st to March 20th, the annual charity event for Purim took place.

Chisinau / Moldova
'The screening of the film "Time for Good Deeds"' thumbnail

The screening of the film "Time for Good Deeds"

On March 15, a documentary film screening dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Republican Volunteer Center took place.

Chisinau / Moldova
'Volunteer School Hub - sharing the results!' thumbnail

Volunteer School Hub - sharing the results!

12 unique initiatives organized by students right in schools!

Chisinau / Moldova
'Food Aid for the Elderly' thumbnail

Food Aid for the Elderly

Food Security continues its work in 2024!

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Candle Making Workshop 2024' thumbnail

Candle Making Workshop 2024

Candle making workshop for clients of the Hesed Day Center

Vitebsk / Belarus
'Birthday Greetings' thumbnail

Birthday Greetings

Every month, we congratulate our golden jubilarians on their birthdays!

Vitebsk / Belarus
'Crafts for the "Otrada" Center' thumbnail

Crafts for the "Otrada" Center

Mittens, hats, gloves — 10 warm, lovingly handcrafted items were sent from Menorah to the "Otrada" Family and Children's Social Assistance Center.

Yekaterinburg / Russia
'Volunteer of the Year Award' thumbnail

Volunteer of the Year Award

Every year in Yekaterinburg, the Volunteer of the Year is selected.

Yekaterinburg / Russia
'Symbol of Spring' thumbnail

Symbol of Spring

In the last days of February, volunteers from the Volunteer Center RVC held a master class on making "mărțișor" - a symbol of spring.

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Meetings in the Women's Club' thumbnail

Meetings in the Women's Club

On February 1, 2024, our Women's Club "Women's Trinkets" welcomed a guest, Kamila Sabitova.

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'Pizza for elderly' thumbnail

Pizza for elderly

On February 6, 2024, as part of the "Culinary Workshop" project, the members of the women's club baked a treat.

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'Campaign within the project "Food Security" in Krasnodar' thumbnail

Campaign within the project "Food Security" in Krasnodar

For several years, the volunteer center in Krasnodar has been implementing the project "Food Security."

Krasnodar / Russia
'Happy Birthday Zhanna Abramovna!' thumbnail

Happy Birthday Zhanna Abramovna!

Congratulations on your 94th birthday to Kosach Zhanna Abramovna!

Khabarovsk / Russia
'Baking Challah for Shabbat' thumbnail

Baking Challah for Shabbat

Once a month, volunteers gather to bake challah for the community's wards.

Khabarovsk / Russia
'Out-of-town Seminar for Volunteers in Khabarovsk' thumbnail

Out-of-town Seminar for Volunteers in Khabarovsk

The annual out-of-town seminar for active volunteers from the city of Khabarovsk took place.

Khabarovsk / Russia

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