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We have long thought about creating a single site where everyone can find the necessary information about Jewish volunteer centers.

Welcome to the Volunteer Community platform!

The VC website is a unique Internet platform where everyone can find the necessary information about Jewish volunteer centers in the 6 countries. 

On the site you can find out the basic principles of the work of volunteer centers in different cities. Each of the centers presents many unique projects and events that operate both online and offline.

Who are we Volunteer Community?

The Volunteer Community FSU volunteer network began its activities in 2015. We work in 6 countries and unite thousands of volunteers, annually providing assistance to tens of thousands of people in need!

We believe that everyone can be a volunteer! Once a month or every day, it doesn't matter, the main thing is to do good for other people, society and Change the World!

Site has many useful sections

We present information on the site, not only about the Volunteer Community centers themselves in cities and countries of the CIS, but also describe in detail volunteer projects, mass events, events and stories of volunteers. All the necessary information is in the sections: "Cities", "News" and "Volunteers"

Since 2020, in the Volunteer Community network the projects in the direction of Food Security have been started to work - providing food products to Community members from vulnerable categories. In 2023, the project continued its work in 6 countries and 22 volunteer centers. We are ready to share the results!

Unlimited amount of knowledge

The site, in the "Library" section, contains valuable materials that will help to adapt and improve their skills as a novice volunteer coordinator, as well as an advanced one. In the library, we have collected collections, instructions, applications, scheduled classes that will improve the work of the volunteer center in your city. This information will also be useful to managers.

Let's work together

We decided to place all contact details on our website. Thus, you have the opportunity to contact the centers directly, offer cooperation or ask for help. You can always contact us. Professional employees are always open to dialogue and will gladly answer your questions.

Coordinator VC FSUNicolai Railean

E-mail: [email protected]

Coordinator VC FSU : Daria Uefimenko

E-mail: [email protected]

Coordinator VC FSU: Lev Vasiliev

E-mail: [email protected]

Coordinator VCFSU: Orly Novoselskaya

E-mail: [email protected]

You can find the contacts of the coordinator of a particular city on the city page.

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