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'Hanukkah in Every Home!' thumbnail

Hanukkah in Every Home!

This year, from December 7th to 15th, the Jewish world celebrates the brightest of all Jewish holidays!

Pavlodar / Kazakhstan
'Keychain Making Master Class' thumbnail

Keychain Making Master Class

In November, an event for the elderly Day Center took place within the walls of Hesed.

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Shabbat - More Than Just a Day Off' thumbnail

Shabbat - More Than Just a Day Off

November 10th was a special day, full of emotions and impressions!

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Concert of the State Symphony Orchestra' thumbnail

Concert of the State Symphony Orchestra

November 24th became a special day for our clients as the enchanting sounds of music filled their hearts with joy and happiness.

Rybnita / Moldova
'Workshops for Children' thumbnail

Workshops for Children

Volunteers conducted engaging workshops for children on creating crafts from origami paper and sculpting.

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'"Dobrodelkiny" Project' thumbnail

"Dobrodelkiny" Project

Not long ago, a volunteer from the "Dobrodelkiny" project organized and conducted an exciting event for children and teenagers called "Fort Boyard."

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'Ninth "Volunteer of the Year" Ceremony' thumbnail

Ninth "Volunteer of the Year" Ceremony

55 active volunteers from different cities in Moldova were recognized in 10 categories.

Chisinau / Moldova
'Project "Volunteer School"' thumbnail

Project "Volunteer School"

As part of the grant program for youth organizations, an educational seminar "Volunteer School" 2023 was organized.

Chisinau / Moldova
'Volunteer Family Shabbat' thumbnail

Volunteer Family Shabbat

The introduction of new participants to volunteer programs took place in the form of workshops.

Gomel / Belarus
'Art Therapy for Volunteers and the Elderly' thumbnail

Art Therapy for Volunteers and the Elderly

A creative workshop for the elderly in the form of art therapy allowed Community members to feel better

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Action "Memory of the Past, Road to the Future"' thumbnail

Action "Memory of the Past, Road to the Future"

Improvement of a part of the Memorial Complex "Old Jewish Cemetery of the town of Kolyshki"

Vitebsk / Belarus
'Sukkot Celebration in Beltsy' thumbnail

Sukkot Celebration in Beltsy

Sukkot is a time when Jews celebrate the harvest and thank God for His generosity.

Balti / Moldova
'"Generations' Memory" Project in Tiraspol' thumbnail

"Generations' Memory" Project in Tiraspol

We gathered at the Jewish cemetery near the Holocaust Victims Memorial to pay our respects.

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Book Presentation' thumbnail

Book Presentation

As part of the "Literary Living Room" project at the Hesed Center, a wonderful event took place—a book presentation by Ostaфiy Maina Iosifovna.

Tiraspol / Moldova
'Mini Performance by Children' thumbnail

Mini Performance by Children

Children and teenagers from the "Jewish Revival" project, along with the theatrical studio "Mayak," organized and performed a concert for the elderly!

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'Sukkot for the Elderly' thumbnail

Sukkot for the Elderly

On October 15, 2023, the "Jewish Revival" project organized and held an event dedicated to the holiday of Sukkot.

Tashkent / Uzbekistan
'Retro Tour for City Day in Chisinau' thumbnail

Retro Tour for City Day in Chisinau

On October 20, a unique meeting took place for the elderly and volunteers in a RETRO trolleybus!

Chisinau / Moldova
'"Open Doors of the Synagogue" Campaign' thumbnail

"Open Doors of the Synagogue" Campaign

Volunteers continue to popularize Jewish traditions and culture at the Central Perm Synagogue.

Perm / Russia
'"Flowers of Kindness" Campaign' thumbnail

"Flowers of Kindness" Campaign

Volunteers grow seedlings of flowers and arrange them in pots, bringing joy to elderly beneficiaries.

Perm / Russia
'"Box of Kindness" Project' thumbnail

"Box of Kindness" Project

For a long time, the Hesed Chaim Volgograd family home has had a charitable project called the "Box of Kindness."

Volgograd / Russia
'"Mazl Tov" Project in Volgograd' thumbnail

"Mazl Tov" Project in Volgograd

The volunteer center celebrated the birthday of a bright and unique boy.

Volgograd / Russia

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