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'Hanukkah Events' thumbnail

Hanukkah Events

In Bobruisk, important events took place in preparation for the bright Hanukkah holiday.

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Art Therapy for Volunteers and the Elderly' thumbnail

Art Therapy for Volunteers and the Elderly

A creative workshop for the elderly in the form of art therapy allowed Community members to feel better

Bobruisk / Belarus
' Global Sukkot Guest in Bobruisk' thumbnail

Global Sukkot Guest in Bobruisk

In Bobruisk, a volunteer event was held dedicated to the holiday of Sukkot.

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Cleaning the Jewish Cemeteries' thumbnail

Cleaning the Jewish Cemeteries

In Bobruisk, volunteers came together to carry out the beautification of the Jewish cemetery.

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Delivery of Food Boxes' thumbnail

Delivery of Food Boxes

The delivery of food boxes continues in Bobruisk as part of the Food Security project.

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Volunteer School ' thumbnail

Volunteer School

In the summer period in Bobruisk, we didn't forget about meetings for volunteers!

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Poetry charming lines' thumbnail

Poetry charming lines

During the meeting, the participants had a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative world of the talented poetess company.

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Purim Postmen' thumbnail

Purim Postmen

The Volunteer Center of the Bobruisk city Jewish community held an event called Purim Postmen!

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Master classes from Ekaterina' thumbnail

Master classes from Ekaterina

Creative master classes from the participant of the project "Your District"

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Career guidance for teenagers' thumbnail

Career guidance for teenagers

Regular meetings on career guidance for teenagers from the participant of the "Your District" project

Bobruisk / Belarus
'Event for the Celebration of Rosh Hashanah' thumbnail

Event for the Celebration of Rosh Hashanah

For this even volunteers were delivering gifts to the the members of the Hesed community.

Bobruisk / Belarus

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