'Hanukkah Events' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Hanukkah Events

In Bobruisk, important events took place in preparation for the bright Hanukkah holiday.

The main event of December for all members of the Jewish community in Bobruisk was the bright Hanukkah holiday. Interesting events are always organized during the festive days. This year, our wards were able to have fun at the Hanukkah concert, participate in an exciting Hanukkah program, and receive wonderful gifts!

The Hanukkah concert for Hesed clients in the Mogilev region became a bright highlight of the festive events, bringing together more than 100 participants. The concert would have been impossible without our volunteers who were responsible for organizational details and prepared vibrant artistic performances for their wards.

Another important part of the holiday was the meeting with community members. Volunteers from the Bobruisk City Jewish Community prepared a wonderful Hanukkah program, in which 60 people participated. Everyone gathered had an unforgettable time together and celebrated Hanukkah.

For those who could not personally attend the festive events, volunteers provided wonderful Hanukkah gifts, through which the light of Hanukkah entered the homes of 15 families. Thanks to our volunteers, everyone was able to celebrate this wonderful holiday and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of love and miracles.

Thanks to the volunteers for their good deeds, care, and love for others!

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