'Food Aid for the Elderly' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Food Aid for the Elderly

Food Security continues its work in 2024!

As part of the wonderful Food Security project, dozens of low-income members of our community receive food assistance. Volunteers from our center put together food packages containing essential items, which are then distributed to those facing difficult life circumstances.

The project has been in existence for several years now, and in 2024, it continues to serve the needs of our community. Another event within the project was held in February. As always, food packages were prepared, taking into account the needs of the low-income members of our community. Each package was delivered directly by our volunteers.

We take pride in the Food Security project and consider it essential for supporting members of our community who are facing challenging circumstances. The food packages put together by volunteers help people get through tough times, while also demonstrating care and love, which are just as important as physical support. Together, we can overcome any difficulties!

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