'Purim Postmen' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Purim Postmen

The Volunteer Center of the Bobruisk city Jewish community held an event called Purim Postmen!

This year, the volunteer center of the Bobruisk city Jewish community organized a wonderful campaign "Purim postmen" to share this festive atmosphere with the maximum number of people.

As part of the campaign, we have prepared 50 unique gift sets for the community members and Hesed clients. Each set contained beautifully painted kitchen napkins, which were made with great love by the participants of the day center, volunteers, teenagers and participants of the "Your District" project. These napkins were decorated with bright colors and symbols of Purim, which created an atmosphere of fun and carnival.

But that's not all! We have not forgotten about the traditional delicacies that are so loved by everyone who celebrates this holiday. In each set we put "Haman's ears" - a sweet delicacy that symbolizes the defeat of the villain Aman, as well as pomegranate juice, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

The "Purim Postmen" campaign was a great success thanks to over 40 volunteers and community members who took part. We were happy to give this small but very significant part of Purim, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate the holiday together and share joy and love with others.

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