'Master classes from Ekaterina' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Master classes from Ekaterina

Creative master classes from the participant of the project "Your District"

Ekaterina Dolganova is a participant in the Your District project, she is a very active and creative person.

Ekaterina has already hosted three handicraft workshops for the day center of the Bobruisk city Jewish community, in which 15 grandparents participated. Participants made crafts with their own hands and received a lot of positive emotions.

The last master class was devoted to the Tu Bishvat holiday, where the participants made key chains in the form of trees. Ekaterina does not stop there and has many more creative ideas that she can implement with community members.

Such events are important for the community, as they help people to socialize, keep in touch with others and develop creativity. Thanks to the efforts of Ekaterina and the Your District project, many people gained new knowledge and skills, and also felt a sense of belonging to society.

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