' Global Sukkot Guest in Bobruisk' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Global Sukkot Guest in Bobruisk

In Bobruisk, a volunteer event was held dedicated to the holiday of Sukkot.

In Bobruisk, volunteers organized a heartwarming volunteer event dedicated to the holiday of Sukkot. One of the main traditions of this holiday is the welcoming of guests.

The volunteers also decided to join this wonderful tradition by spending days filling their respected clients' hearts with joy and warmth.

As part of the event, 12 volunteers, including representatives from different age groups and teenagers, went to visit 10 Hesed clients. They congratulated them on the holiday, brought gifts, and shared some information about Sukkot.

This event took place from September 30th to October 6th and left unforgettable memories and warm moments for all participants.

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