'Cleaning the Jewish Cemeteries' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Cleaning the Jewish Cemeteries

In Bobruisk, volunteers came together to carry out the beautification of the Jewish cemetery.

Cleaning and tending to Jewish cemeteries have become a tradition during the autumn-spring period at the Bobruisk Volunteer Center.

The memorials at the cemetery had become overgrown during the summer, but our dedicated volunteers are always ready for such challenges. The event took place on September 21, with the participation of five courageous volunteers. Through their collective efforts, the cemetery was restored to order.

This event is not just about adorning the cemetery but, above all, about showing respect and care for the memory of those who have passed away. It's also about contributing to the preservation of the traditions and cultural heritage of the Jewish community in Bobruisk. Thanks to our hardworking and compassionate volunteers, we can preserve our history and the memory of our people.

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