'Delivery of Food Boxes' poster
Bobruisk / Belarus

Delivery of Food Boxes

The delivery of food boxes continues in Bobruisk as part of the Food Security project.

The delivery of food packages is an integral part of our activities at the Volunteer Center. For us, it's not just about material assistance; it's care and attention to our clients, especially those who need additional support.

In July, we continued the activities of our "Food Security" project, aimed at providing food to those in need. We were also delighted to support the clients of Hesed. Our food packages were specially designed to contain the most essential products that would help our elderly clients prepare delicious and nutritious meals.

It's important for us not only to provide food but also to give elderly people a sense of care and support. The volunteers in Bobruisk believe that good deeds make our world a better place. We are ready to continue this noble mission and bring joy and hope to the lives of those who need it most. Our work is not only about giving food but also about warming the hearts of our clients.

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