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Bobruisk / Belarus

Volunteer School

In the summer period in Bobruisk, we didn't forget about meetings for volunteers!

Recently, our volunteers and active members of the Bobruisk Jewish community embarked on an unforgettable journey to historical places in Belarus.

This trip allowed us to immerse ourselves in the rich Jewish heritage of our country and discover many amazing stories. Gathering as a team of 17 people, we embarked on a journey that served as a real guide through time and culture.

But this journey was not only about an engaging dive into the past; it was also about our relationships. Outside the office walls, we strengthened our team, shared ideas, and found inspiration. We enriched our knowledge of our culture and history, which became a new source of energy for our volunteer efforts.

How great it is that we have the opportunity to come together, break away from the daily hustle and find inspiration in wonderful places and amazing stories. It reminds us of the importance of preserving our heritage and sharing it with the world. Our journey became part of our shared history and strengthened our commitment to helping those in need.

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