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Pavlodar / Kazakhstan

Project "Gall Center"

Gall Center takes "sponsorship" over lonely elderly community members.

Project "Gall Center"

Lonely elderly and immobile community members require increased attention from volunteers due to their age and lack of support from relatives. To constantly "keep a finger on the pulse" and promptly address the issues of such people, the project "Gall Center" was created. Responsible for the project is the volunteer of the center, Anna Strizhevskaya, with her assistants being children from the "Tapuach" children's club.

Project Description:

The project involves sponsorship of lonely elderly people through regular weekly phone calls. During communication, the needs of the wards are identified in order to provide them with assistance within their capabilities. Curators also congratulate birthday celebrants and celebrate Jewish holidays with them.

Project Goals:

The project aims to improve the quality of life for lonely elderly and immobile community members by solving domestic problems, as well as facilitating their socialization and providing opportunities for communication, thereby helping to combat loneliness. Additionally, the project has educational value for youth - children learn to empathize and show compassion to those in need.

Role of Volunteers:

The task of volunteers is to maintain contact with elderly immobile community members by conducting regular phone calls with their wards.s

Project Results:

Thanks to the project, lonely elderly community members can quickly receive the necessary assistance. Moreover, they do not feel lonely, regularly communicating with children and receiving congratulations and other signs of attention from them. The project contributes to improving the psychological well-being of elderly people and helps them integrate into community life and be a part of it.

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