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Workshop "Make your own tree"

Workshop "Make your own tree"


A creative workshop was held for the volunteers, timed to coincide with the Tu Bishvat holiday.

The "We" volunteer center hosted a training session "Make your own tree", where the participants got together to talk about the Tu-bi-shvat holiday and try to make their own "tree of good deeds".

Tu Bishvat is a holiday of trees, when Jews celebrate the beautiful nature and sow good deeds related to environmental protection and care for the plant world. The participants cut out phrases from magazines, made abstract drawings and glued pictures - ideas for future projects. From these ideas and drawings came a variety of colorful trees, the good deeds of which, like the fruits, need to be nurtured.

Such meetings are very useful for personal development and strengthening team spirit. The union of volunteers who share common values and interests allows you to create a community of like-minded people who are able to implement their ideas and bring them to life.

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