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“We Remember” event in Tiraspol

“We Remember” event in Tiraspol


On January 27, the volunteers hosted the “We Remember” event, joining the clients and employees of Hesed Tiraspol and Rybnitsa. Also, volunteers participated in the process of laying flowers at the memorial to the victims of fascism in their cities.

They also provided assistance to the elderly at the public protest, provided photographic support for the events in Hesed, as well as assistance in organizational matters of the event. On January 28, volunteers held an online Shabbat of Remembrance, where they recalled the terrible stories of the Holocaust, and some clients shared their family stories. Lazutkina Brana told about her dead little brothers, Alexander Kogan, Galina Rudakova shared their tragic stories.

Yakovenko Sophia spoke about how these stories are passed down from generation to generation in their family. In conclusion, we read the prayer "Kel male rahamim" from the Yizkor memorial prayer, and lit candles...

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