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Gomel / Belarus

Volunteer School in Gomel

Educational meetings for volunteers preparing for volunteer activities.

Is it necessary to learn the art of volunteering? And where can you learn it? Of course, you can. The art of volunteering is taught at the "Volunteer School," which gathers under its roof people of various backgrounds. Recently, another graduation took place at our Gomel Volunteer School.

Being a volunteer means taking responsibility and becoming part of a larger common cause. Moreover, you can engage in what you love, realizing your talents and sharing the warmth of your heart with others. In the "Volunteer School," we teach the art of teamwork and the ability to assess one's strengths and capabilities wisely.

Our graduates are eager to help others. They know how to communicate effectively with each other and find solutions in any situation. These skills allow them to feel confident and effectively assist those in need of support.

The doors of the "Volunteer School" are open to all who wish to try themselves in a new field of activity. Want to contribute to others' well-being? Come to us, and we will help you understand the intricacies of volunteer work! Becoming a volunteer, you will hear warm words of gratitude many times and feel involved in a large and important common cause!

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