'Volunteer Family Shabbat' poster
Gomel / Belarus

Volunteer Family Shabbat

The introduction of new participants to volunteer programs took place in the form of workshops.

On October 27th, a volunteer family Shabbat took place in the Gomel Jewish community, bringing friends together in a circle of like-minded individuals.

Community members had the opportunity to participate in various activities and the day's program:

  • Art practice, providing an opportunity to work with stress and enter a resourceful state. The event was conducted by psychologist and art therapist Katerina Porokhovnik.
  • A music therapy session based on playing Tibetan bowls using metaphorical cards from practicing crisis psychologist Alyona Garai, also known as the creator of the yoga and meditation studio "Namaste."
  • The "Skilled Hands" master class, during which coasters for cups were created under the guidance of Oksana Roginskaya.
  • A creative workshop organized in support of Israel.
  • An separate area with games and workshops was organized for children

This event provided participants with the opportunity not only to engage in various activities but also to enjoy socializing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

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