'"Up to 120!" Project' poster
Yekaterinburg / Russia

"Up to 120!" Project

"Up to 120!" project - this is almost 150 community members per year and about 10 sorceresses and wizards of auto-volunteers.

Project "Up to 120!" - this is almost 150 members of the community per year and about 10 sorceresses and wizards - auto-volunteers.

Every month, delivery-volunteers help to please the elderly and wish them a happy birthday. This is the work of not only delivery-volunteers, but also those who prepare gifts for the wards themselves.

This time the gift set included hand-picked teas and postcards signed by volunteers.

Also in April, in addition to the traditional wish "up to 120!", our lonely grandparents heard congratulations on Pesach and, of course, received a box of crispy matzah.

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