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The Day of Catastrophe and Heroism

The Day of Catastrophe and Heroism


In Israel, on the 27th of Nisan according to the Jewish calendar, the Day of the Catastrophe and Heroism of European Jews is celebrated, which falls on the anniversary of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto.

This day is mourning in Israel, and volunteers organized visits to memorable places in the city of Tiraspol in honor of this event. Members of the community and employees of the "Hesed" organization joined this action.

During the event at the memorial and the Jewish cemetery, we paid tribute to the memory of the six million victims of the greatest crime in the history of the Jewish people. We refrained from words to emphasize deep sorrow and respect, and laid flowers as a sign of perpetuating the memory of the dead.

The memory of the past allows us to build a future based on tolerance, respect and peace. The Day of Catastrophe and Heroism becomes a sacred time for us as we come together to remember, honor and be inspired to create a better world for our future generations.

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