'Symbol of Spring' poster
Tiraspol / Moldova

Symbol of Spring

In the last days of February, volunteers from the Volunteer Center RVC held a master class on making "mărțișor" - a symbol of spring.

Spring brings new hopes and joyful anticipation of the upcoming summer. And the main symbol of spring in Moldova is the red and white "mărțișor". It is proudly worn on the chest as a kind of talisman against the cold and bad weather of the past winter. In the last days of February, volunteers from the Volunteer Center RVC decided to support the coming of spring with a wonderful master class on making "mărțișors".

To craft the red and white symbol of spring, you don't need special skills, just desire and imagination. The participants followed the instructions of the instructor closely, and soon "mărțișors" blossomed in their hands. Each of them became a reflection of the individuality of its creator and their creative preferences. At the same time, all "mărțișors" deserved admiration because they were handmade.

In each of them, warmth and soulfulness merged, the anticipation of spring and hopes for a better future. This beautiful symbol will remind all the participants of the master class of the wonderful time spent together, filled with positive emotions and joy.

Our beneficiaries took their "mărțișors" with them as a memory of the wonderful master class. We are sure that looking at the red and white flowers, they will remember this wonderful event organized with love by our volunteers.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers for their attention to our beneficiaries and their desire to bring joy and inspiration! Thanks to you, the participants of the master class immersed themselves in the world of creativity and were able to bring their fantasies to life. Thank you to the participants for your attention and diligence. May these "mărțișors" become a symbol of our unity and remind us that together we are capable of more! May each new day bring joy, and may spring bring only pleasant events!

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