'Sukkot Celebration in Beltsy' poster
Balti / Moldova

Sukkot Celebration in Beltsy

Sukkot is a time when Jews celebrate the harvest and thank God for His generosity.

The Sukkot celebration was a wonderful opportunity for the wards and volunteers at Hesed to spend time together, enjoy music and dance, and share joy and gratitude for everything they have.

The "Veteran" club delighted participants with various musical performances, including songs and dances. Together, wards and volunteers enthusiastically joined in the dances to lively melodies, creating an atmosphere of fun and joy.

Afterward, the participants sat at tables and enjoyed a festive meal. Volunteers attentively assisted the wards with serving food and drinks, fostering an atmosphere of mutual assistance and care.

Organizers and volunteers of the event hope that such festive gatherings will help the wards feel their importance and love, strengthening the atmosphere of family and community in their circle.

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