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"Shanah Tovah" campaign

"Shanah Tovah" campaign


"Shanah Tovah" campaign in Rybnitsa

The Shanah Tovah charity event, timed to coincide with the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday, has come to an end in Rybnitsa.

The implementation of the campaign started with volunteer work to inform the members of the Jewish Community. At this stage, 3 volunteers took part. From 16 to 26 August, food was collected. We would like to draw attention to the response of the caring people of our Community - this cannot but gladden us on the eve of the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

Volunteers of the "Origins of Mercy" project helped to form food packages and deliver them to 16 Hesed clients.

The food kits have pleased lonely elderly people in need in Rybnitsa and the neighboring town of Rezina. This campaign is an excellent example of the unity and solidarity of the Community, as well as an opportunity to extend mercy and help those who really need it.

The "Shanah Tovah" campaign was carried out within 4 hours. Thanks to the volunteers for being able to find time to do a good deed together with us!

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