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"Shabbat Online" project in Rybnitsa

"Shabbat Online" project in Rybnitsa


"Shabbat Online" project in Rybnitsa

Elderly members of the Community from Rybnitsa took part in the online Shabbat arranged with the support of the volunteers of the "Origins of Mercy" project.

We met again online to light Shabbat candles and spend the evening in a wonderful company. The year 5781 ends, the last month of Elul is coming. Alexander, a volunteer of the "Origins of Mercy" project, told us that this time is given to us to prepare for Rosh Hashanah - for teshuva. He reminded us of the deep meaning of this word.

Simply said, "teshuva" is when a person realizes that he has done something bad, decides not to do this anymore, asks for forgiveness from the offended one and from the universe, and, finally, corrects, if possible, the consequences of his actions.

To sum up the results of the year and remember all the joyful things that happened to us in 5781, Alexander held an interesting quiz "The Jewish Year". We remembered the traditions and customs of the holidays and at the same time trained our memory well.

Also thanks to volunteer Lilia Braga for hosting the traditional part of Shabbat.

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