'Reinforcement in the Volunteer Center of Bishkek' poster
Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan

Reinforcement in the Volunteer Center of Bishkek

For volunteers, the most important thing is a sense of belonging, smiles, and warm words from the elderly.

This year, a group of teenagers joined our volunteer center who spent the whole year learning the basics of volunteer activities, including the nuances of interacting with the elderly. Now, in our team, there are 10 young people who aspire to make positive changes.

They took responsibility for the "Holiday in Every Home" program, where elderly people with limited mobility have the opportunity to celebrate Jewish holidays according to traditions.

The process begins with the youngsters getting to know the elderly over the phone and organizing a meeting. They prepare congratulations and treats, and then, with the help of volunteer drivers, they visit the program participants.

All the time spent together becomes special for both sides: for the elderly, it's a moment of attention and care, and for the teenagers, it's a sense of belonging and joy in meeting with the smiles and warm words of the older generation.

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