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"Reboot" Project in Tiraspol


We have great news! In February, we launched a new project called "Reboot" in the city of Tiraspol.

This project, like many others, is not complete without the help of volunteers - people who voluntarily participate in activities for the benefit of society, without the desire to receive remuneration for their work.

Thanks to our new volunteer named Sergey, the older generation of our community got the opportunity to transform. With the help of new hairstyles and looks, they got positive emotions, and this was a wonderful result of the "Reboot" project.

Volunteering is a great way to help others and gain invaluable life experience. People become volunteers not because of financial motives, but because of the desire to help others and gain new knowledge and skills.

Volunteering opens up many opportunities for people, allowing them to take a fresh look at themselves and the world around them, learn something new and meet new people.

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