'Project "Kind Warmth"' poster
Tiraspol / Moldova

Project "Kind Warmth"

Within the framework of the "Kind Warmth" project, our volunteers at Volunteer Center RVC actively knit items for our clients!

The "Kind Warmth" project is aptly named. The knitted items crafted by volunteers warm our beneficiaries, providing both physical and emotional warmth. Outstanding achievements in knitting are demonstrated by volunteers from Transnistria, who infuse their creations with love and care.

A true leader among the project participants is the Golubchikov family from Bender, which has organized a family knitting spree. Three generations of this family work together on creating warm items for the beneficiaries. Their joint efforts yield excellent results: over the last three months, the family's contribution to the project amounted to 20 pairs of socks!

In Tiraspol, there is also a champion in knitting - Varzar Grunya. Every day she creates wonderful items for our beneficiaries, making a significant contribution to the project. In the past three months alone, Grunya knitted 12 pairs of slipper-socks for the project!

Thanks to the "Kind Warmth" project, our beneficiaries are not afraid of winter cold! Along with these wonderful knitted items, they receive support and care from the project participants. We are confident that the awareness of being cared for is capable of providing warmth even more than the warm items!

We express our immense gratitude to our volunteers! With your own hands, you create a new, better life for our beneficiaries! Thanks to you, they receive the much-needed love and care!

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