'Project "Challah in every home" in Khabarovsk' poster
Khabarovsk / Russia

Project "Challah in every home" in Khabarovsk

One of the favorite projects of the Khabarovsk Jewish community

The Khabarovsk Jewish community is implementing a beautiful project, affectionately called "Challah in Every Home." It is not only a favorite project of our volunteers, but also one of the most necessary.

Within the framework of this project, community members get acquainted with the tradition of baking challah before Shabbat, thus making this day accessible for people with limited mobility.

Once a month, volunteers gather to bake 50 challahs, after which, with the help of a volunteer team, freshly baked challahs are delivered to the elderly who cannot make this wonderful bread on their own. Not only the adults, but also teenagers and seniors join the event. Everyone who attends this event has the opportunity to enjoy the aroma of fresh challah and learn more about the tradition of its preparation.

This project is a great example of how traditions can connect people, regardless of age and place of residence. We believe that "Challah for Every Home" is a great way to keep our traditions alive and take care of those who need our help.

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