'Project "Barbershop"' poster
Kazan / Russia

Project "Barbershop"

Talented hairdressers-volunteers from our employment center take part in the Good Deeds Day campaign every year!

As part of this inspiring initiative, our volunteer center is inviting senior citizens to a special event - a free haircut. This time we were glad to welcome our irreplaceable volunteer hairdressers, Albina and Regina.

The wards had a very pleasant time joking around, talking and looking forward to their turn for a makeover. At this time, they enjoyed some tasty tea and sweets that we prepared for them. Smiles and laughter filled the room and everyone felt great.

When the haircut was completed, our wards could not take their eyes off themselves in the mirror - they simply admired the transformations!

The eyes of our volunteers shone with joy, seeing the results of their work and realizing how much a person can change after just a haircut. This wonderful team is aware of the importance of their work and tirelessly gives a new image and confidence to everyone who sitss in their chairs.

Join our Good Deeds Day event next year and see how a little kindness can create great happiness in the lives of others!

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