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Passover quest. Bishkek

Passover quest. Bishkek


In the history of the Jewish people, there are many holidays that are traditionally celebrated in the Jewish community of Bishkek with large gatherings, concerts, performances and feasts. So Passover is one of these holidays, when we all gathered, both old and young, in the hall of Hesed on the Passover Seder, cooked traditional dishes, read the Haggadah together, played and sang. Unfortunately, this was not possible last year.

This year, at the meeting of the volunteer activists, we set a goal to make a common Seder, where both old and young people will be together again, where everyone will be able to simultaneously do Kadesh, Urhats, Karpas and so on in order. First of all, we made sure that the elderly people who are alone and have difficulty moving had the opportunity to join the meal. For this purpose, the volunteers of the "Holiday in Every Home" program prepared and delivered congratulations and festive treats to the 50 participants of the Seder.

The volunteers also created an interactive Seder quest in which the elderly participated online and the family club offline. And all the participants of the Seder could see and communicate with each other here and now, sing songs together, solve puzzles and complete tasks and the order of the Seder.

The volunteers received a very interesting and valuable experience in the process of preparing and holding the event. Once again, we were convinced that everything is possible if a well-coordinated team takes up the task!

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