'Out-of-town Seminar for Volunteers in Khabarovsk' poster
Khabarovsk / Russia

Out-of-town Seminar for Volunteers in Khabarovsk

The annual out-of-town seminar for active volunteers from the city of Khabarovsk took place.

For Khabarovsk volunteers, out-of-town seminars have become a cherished tradition. This year, the event was attended by the most active participants of the Center, who support the activities of the Jewish community at various levels. Volunteers gathered at a countryside complex, where they spent several days engaged in active work.

This time, the main focus was on the mental well-being of volunteers. It's no secret that helping others requires psychological resilience and emotional uplift. The most effective assistance is possible only from a resourceful state, and for this purpose, special methodologies exist.

Volunteers attended a series of lectures on stress psychology, participated in supervisions with psychologists, and took part in team-building workshops. Additionally, attendees gained valuable knowledge on working with eating disorders and had the opportunity to develop their creative talents in art therapy workshops.

Time flew by quickly! For our volunteers, the seminar became another important step in their development journey and opened up new possibilities in helping those in need. We express our gratitude to the organizers and participants of the seminar!

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