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Online project  “Literary Hotel”

Online project “Literary Hotel”


Volunteer Center RVC has started a new online project in Tiraspol called “Literary Hotel” had a pleasure to have wonderful writers as guests.

Valery Constantinovisch Ovcharuk – a member of the Community of writers in Transdniestria and Russia, Founder and director of literary association “Saint”. Dimmert Anatoli Leoniovich – hereditary Cossack, defender of Transdniestria, “Excelent student of physical culture and sports in PMR”, Honored trainer in PMR.

Our volunteer Valery Kuperschmidt told about the life of our Transdniestrian poets and about the major events that left a mark on their creative outlook and their poems as a result.

Poets were grateful enough to read their own writing, which is mostly social and philosophical lyrics. Our guests are not only true patriots of their homeland, but also local heroes. Manhood, strength of mind, and love towards the motherland – are the main themes of their artwork. Guests were sharing their creativity and talent with the listeners, participants of the event.

Poetry of our guests is unique in its focus on the love to the place where you were born and its tragical history. Our writers were always following the way of honoring the specific human qualities that distinct the population that lives in Transdniestria – kindness, peacefulness, respect towards elderly, and patriotism.

Participants of the “Literary Hotel” thanked authors for their artwork, for the talent “to be able to love your small country so beautifully”. Our meet-ups are being hosted monthly, but always with a unique, special atmosphere.

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