'Mishloach Manot in Pavlodar' poster
Pavlodar / Kazakhstan

Mishloach Manot in Pavlodar

During Purim, it's important not only to rejoice ourselves but also to bring joy to our loved ones.

On the eve of the joyful holiday of Purim, volunteers from the Pavlodar center took on the implementation of one of its commandments - "mishloach manot," which literally translates to "sending portions" and encourages us to delight our friends and loved ones by sending them holiday treats.

Following the established tradition, volunteers prepared traditional Purim cookies called "hamantaschen" for their friends, which are also known as "Haman's ears" or "Haman's pockets" because of their triangular shape. Besides their wonderful taste, this baking has great symbolic significance and is associated with the holiday of Purim.

Volunteers Natalya Mayorova, Tatiana Morgunova, and Larisa Shapovalova demonstrated incredible culinary skills by preparing over 500 "Haman's ears." Everyone present at the Purim celebration appreciated the delicious cookies, and 40 beneficiaries of Chesed received sweet treats right at their doorstep.

We thank our volunteers for their dedication to upholding traditions and for caring for those who, due to circumstances, cannot independently attend community events. Thanks to you, these people feel like full-fledged members of our community and can celebrate holidays according to tradition.

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