'Master class in the rehabilitation center "April"' poster
Kazan / Russia

Master class in the rehabilitation center "April"

As part of the Day of Good Deeds, volunteers held a master class for mothers from the rehabilitation center and disabled children.

This year, the "Atikva" volunteer center decided to start the whole Week of Good Deeds with a visit to old friends - the wards of the "April" center for children and adolescents with disabilities.

It is not the first year that volunteers come to visit with various master classes. During the classes of children with the specialists of the center, mothers plunged into the creative process. Volunteers and children made feeders and decorated them with acrylic paints, learned how to apply a gradient.

The mothers were so passionate about the process that each chose the colors according to their mood. They mastered the decoupage technique, spring birds flew to the feeders, and some had butterflies. At the end of the master class, teachers with children came to the hall, and it was great to observe their emotions: the children were delighted with the beauty that their mothers created, and the mothers were delighted with the bright and varied birdfeeders made by their children.

The specialists of the center expressed their gratitude for the cooperation and interesting master classes, and the volunteers wished the center prosperity and health to all children.

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