'Kind action in the hospital' poster
Perm / Russia

Kind action in the hospital

Volunteers visited patients, who are being treated in a hospital

It's never too late to do good. This is exactly what our volunteers proved by their own example. Everyone knows that now visiting patients in hospitals is prohibited, only transfers. It is not easy and sad for those, who ended up in the hospital without the full support of relatives and friends. Therefore, the volunteers decided to organize a visit to a local hospital in Perm.

Volunteers in caps and with candles in their hands visited patients and conveyed pleasant wishes by phone and sang songs. The neighbors in the wards of our community members also looked and were touched through the windows.

We thank everyone who did not remain indifferent and came to support the people in need. Thus, their day was at least a little brighter and filled with pleasant emotions that will help them recover faster!

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