'Just Before Purim' poster
Tiraspol / Moldova

Just Before Purim

As a result of the charitable campaign "Bring Joy," more than 15 kg of sweets were collected.

In anticipation of the long-awaited holiday of Purim, volunteers from the Tiraspol center, with joint efforts, prepared surprises for their wards. The main desire of the volunteers was to bring joy to everyone, as tradition requires.

The first surprise on the list of good deeds by the volunteers was delicious hamantaschen cookies, which are one of the main decorations of the festive table. No Purim feast is complete without this sweet treat, as hamantaschen symbolize the liberation of the Jewish people from the Persians and even got the name "Haman's ears," which refers to the name of the cruel persecutor of the Jewish people.

In addition to the traditional treat, volunteers also organized exciting masterclasses, where they not only recalled Jewish traditions but also developed creative talents. As part of the "Skillful Hands" project, a masterclass on making masks for the Purim carnival was held. Everyone present was able to fully realize their creative fantasies and, under the guidance of volunteers, made wonderful, bright masks.

Purim is a holiday for everyone, and the older members of the community also did not stay away from the festive events. As part of the "Synagogue" project, there was a cheerful meeting filled with the joyful atmosphere of Purim.

Volunteers also did not forget about one of the main Purim commandments, which calls for sending treats to each other. For this purpose, as part of the charitable campaign "Bring Joy," held from March 15 to 20, more than 15 kg of sweets were collected, from which festive packages were then formed and sent to children from large families in different cities. In Transnistria, 20 children received festive packages. In addition to sweets, 5 kg of fruits were collected, which were then sent to the young participants of the AJT JUNIOR club.

We thank everyone who took part in the festive events and helped bring the joy of Purim to our wards! Together, we can change this world for the better and do it every day!

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