'"I am a Jew in the Far East" Grant' poster
Khabarovsk / Russia

"I am a Jew in the Far East" Grant

"I am a Jew in the Far East" Grant reveals the stories of the faces of our community.

We are glad to announce that we have filmed as part of the project.

Real heroes and activists have gathered in the volunteer center of Khabarovsk. The talented cameraman Polina Arkhangorodskaya worked with them, and Katerina Gorlenko was engaged in the selection of characters so that each story would be bright and unique.

Each project participant had his own story, experiences and memories. And when moments from the past came to life on the screen, each of them was transported to the time of the creation of the community. Such moments allowed them to feel like children, to plunge back into those days when, by the power of association, they created a community that became a family for them.

Recalling the stories of their ancestors, the participants shared their impressions of how the community has changed their lives. After all, this is not just a group of like-minded people - this is a real community where everyone finds support, kind words and sincere friends.

The meeting with the past forced the participants to re-evaluate the meaning of working together and understand that the future of the community is in their hands. They became even stronger and became even closer. Our heroes realized that each of them plays an incredibly important role in this amazing story.

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