'Hanukkah in Every Home!' poster
Pavlodar / Kazakhstan

Hanukkah in Every Home!

This year, from December 7th to 15th, the Jewish world celebrates the brightest of all Jewish holidays!

In December, we celebrated one of the brightest and oldest holidays - Hanukkah, which warms the hearts of the Jewish people throughout the centuries. Our team of volunteers from Hesed made tremendous efforts to make this holiday special and warm for everyone.

Caring for each client, we provided candles for lighting the Hanukkiah to all those in need. Our active volunteer, Larisa Shapovalova, baked delightful doughnuts, which are now being distributed to the older generation, bringing warmth and coziness to their homes.

The eve of Hanukkah for our volunteers became a time when we released a special edition of the "Hesed Bulletin," containing information about holiday dates, candle-lighting rules, prayers, the history of the holiday, and recipes for Hanukkah dishes. Hanukkah is not just one day; it is an extended period full of magic and warmth.

We believe that miracles happen every day, especially during Hanukkah, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share these miracles with our clients and everyone around us. Hanukkah is a time when goodness and warmth come together, reminding us of the importance of solidarity and caring for each other.

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