'"Good Deeds Day" in Saratov 2023' poster
Saratov / Russia

"Good Deeds Day" in Saratov 2023

The annual "Good Deeds Day" brought together volunteers to help members of the community.

This year, volunteers have cleaned the yard area of the charitable foundation's office, bringing joy and comfort to every corner. They helped to repair Hesed, where the Zikaron project resumed work. Volunteers also helped in the office, rearranging furniture and doing minor repairs.

But that is not all! Volunteers made friends with the EcoDom project, where they collected and donated not only essentials, but also materials for recycling to those in need. Taking care of our planet is one of the main values of this action. The children learned how important it is to protect the environment by sorting plastic caps that will serve a good purpose as part of the Good Caps project.

In total, 20 wonderful volunteers of different ages took part in the actions, mixing experience and enthusiasm. Their combined efforts have created a veritable kaleidoscope of kindness that has lit up our community.

Join us next year and let's continue doing good deeds together! We are sure that such magical moments can change the world for the better, and we want to say a big thank you to every Good Deeds Day participant for their dedication, energy and sincere desire to do good!

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