'Good Deeds Day in Moscow with Hillel' poster
Moscow / Russia

Good Deeds Day in Moscow with Hillel

The second large-scale volunteer campaign "Good Deeds Day" was held in Moscow

134 people took part in the Good Deeds Day jointly with Hillel of Moscow!

The volunteers visited stray animals, supported the wards of various charitable foundations, cleaned the park, and cooked sweets, managing to do so many good deeds during 13 campaigns!

Two creative meetings were held to delight the elderly wards of the Moscow Hesed. At the soap making master class, volunteers created useful and beautiful sets for Hesed's "Helping Hand" clients.

In "Etel" Hesed, a workshop on decoupage was held from a volunteer of the "Maagal" Volunteer Coordination Service. The participants created gifts with their own hands for the wards who will soon celebrate birthdays.

“I've heard so much about this technique, but I didn't even think that in just an hour you can learn the basics of decoupage,” says one of the participants in the master class. “As a result, I got a very beautiful decorative board and a hot pad. I really hope that lonely elderly people will like our gifts!".

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