'Good Deeds Day 2023 in Krasnodar' poster
Krasnodar / Russia

Good Deeds Day 2023 in Krasnodar

The big annual campaign "Good Day" took place in Krasnodar

Volunteers organized the "Ecowatch" action, during which they together set about cleaning the city's forest belt, ridding it of garbage and restoring its natural beauty.

But they didn't stop there! They offered their help in cleaning Hesed, washed the windows, giving it a new glow.

Also, the volunteers visited the disabled members of the community and offered them invaluable help in cleaning their houses. Along with this, they planted bright and eye-catching flowers to bring beauty and joy to their lives. To create an even more cozy atmosphere, volunteers painted the fences, reviving the environment.

Volunteers did a great job at the volunteer center, made positive changes in the lives of the wards and brought them a lot of joy. Their devotion and kindness are admirable and inspire us all to good deeds.

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