'Good Deeds Day 2023 in Khabarovsk' poster
Khabarovsk / Russia

Good Deeds Day 2023 in Khabarovsk

A large annual action Day of Good Deeds was hosted in Khabarovsk

Volunteers of the community hosted a tour for families that came to visit the synagogue, where they talked about the history and traditions of the Jewish people.

A master class on baking challah was organized for children. Volunteers helped each kid to weave their own unique challahs and established a special contact with them, given that the children who came to visit us have special developmental needs. The volunteers did a great job!

On the same day, volunteers also did a great job of restoring the library of the community.

Their goal was to bring the library to a clean state, as it was closed and became dusty during the pandemic.

Volunteers and teenagers from the community have already begun to restore order in the library back in autumn, but the amount of work turned out to be very large, so the task had to be divided into stages. Now the library is tidied up and ready to welcome new readers.

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