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Excursion to the equestrian club "Balti"

Excursion to the equestrian club "Balti"


Wonderful excursion to the equestrian club "Balti".

The "Hesed Yaakov" CJC in cooperation with the volunteers of the "Origins of Mercy" project, arranged an excursion for children to an equestrian club.

On June 30, children from the Charity Center visited the equestrian club "Balti". This event was not only an interesting educational excursion, where children learned about the life of animals and about caring for them, but also a wonderful walk. The excursion gave everyone a lot of pleasure from communicating with horses and ponies. The horses could be petted and fed with carrots, which the children brought as a treat.

The most interesting thing that brought everyone a storm of delight and many impressions was riding a horse named Twilight. Despite its name, the horse turned out to be very kind and compliant. Even the smallest children were not afraid to ride such a big and beautiful horse.

Two hours passed too quickly.

Leaving, the guys expressed their deep gratitude to everyone who arranged and accompanied them on this wonderful excursion. They received many positive emotions from communicating with animals.

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