'Crafts for the "Otrada" Center' poster
Yekaterinburg / Russia

Crafts for the "Otrada" Center

Mittens, hats, gloves — 10 warm, lovingly handcrafted items were sent from Menorah to the "Otrada" Family and Children's Social Assistance Center.

The online project "Caring Connection" became a source of warm "grandmotherly" care for boys and girls who lack it. As part of the project, members of the "Gift Knitting Club" knitted 10 wonderful warm items, imbuing them with their warmth and care. The finished items were sent to the "Otrada" Family and Children's Social Assistance Center, where they will surely find their owners.

Despite the fact that the club members are far from being professionals, they enthusiastically took up the work. For several months, loop by loop, they steadily moved towards their goal, and the result exceeded all expectations! We are confident that children will enjoy wearing these wonderful mittens, hats, and gloves.

The "Gift Knitting Club" is the brainchild of Elena Pugach, a volunteer of the foundation, a lawyer by education, and a specialist in Jewish tradition and genealogy. According to the leader, the club has an unwritten rule - one item is knitted for oneself, and the other as a gift to Menorah or those in need.

This wonderful tradition corresponds to an important human law: to receive something, one must share. This time, together with the project leader "Caring Connection" Elena Reshetova, the decision was made to donate gifts to children in need. Club members became "grandmothers at a distance" for the children, sharing the warmth of their hearts with their grandchildren.

The "Gift Knitting Club" benefits not only those who receive the gifts but also the participants themselves. Its birth is "due" to the pandemic, when there was a sharp need for social support for elderly members of the community who found themselves in isolation. Women of the "golden age" began to meet online and engage in crafts together. The club helped them remain socially active and develop fine motor skills, which are extremely important for maintaining cognitive functions at any age.

We thank our craftswomen for their assistance and wish the club a long life and new achievements!

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