'"Box of Kindness" Project' poster
Volgograd / Russia

"Box of Kindness" Project

For a long time, the Hesed Chaim Volgograd family home has had a charitable project called the "Box of Kindness."

In the Hesed Chaim Volgograd family home, there is an important charitable project called the "Box of Kindness." This long-established project aims to provide people with essential food products. The idea is extremely simple yet powerful: anyone who wishes to contribute can leave food items in a designated box.

Volunteers then take on the responsibility of assembling humanitarian aid packages from the collected products. These packages are then sent to those who find themselves in difficult situations and need assistance. This cycle of care and support creates incredibly important social interactions, contributing to the formation of a stronger and more united society.

This time, charitable assistance from the "Box of Kindness" was provided to Gennady, a devoted community member who found himself in a challenging life situation. It represents a manifestation of mutual aid and kindness, bringing light to the dark corners of life and supporting those facing difficulties.

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