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Volunteer trip to Omsk

Volunteer trip to Omsk


On the weekend in October, Hillel and we visited Omsk to get acquainted with its Jewish history. One of the main points, of course, was the Jewish cemetery. Interestingly, it is located almost in the center of the city in among the private sector. Today the cemetery is closed, and the last burial dates back to the 60s. From the outside, it looks like an islet of a Polish town in the middle of the Siberian steppe.

The volunteers also visited the shelter for stray animals, helped with the cleaning of crates, walked the dogs and fed them warm meals.

Another point of the volunteer trip was the elderly wards of the Omsk community: volunteers visited them to help with cleaning the house. Volunteers also had a pleasure to listen to the stories of their life and the Jewish life of Omsk during their youth.

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