'The Opening of the Holocaust Victims Memorial' poster
Balti / Moldova

The Opening of the Holocaust Victims Memorial

Volunteers from the "Origins of Mercy" project in Beltsy attended an event commemorating the opening of a memorial.

On September 21, volunteers from the "Origins of Mercy" project and residents of the city of Beltsy gathered to participate in the solemn opening of a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust in the village of Chepeleutsi.

The ceremony began with welcoming words from the village mayor, Iveta Mirzbacher, Efim Akkerman, and Rabbi Daniel. The unveiling of a memorial is always a special event that allows a closer look at the new monument and pay tribute to the memory of Holocaust victims.

After the ceremony, the organizers invited everyone to a reception, where participants could enjoy the hospitality of the village residents and share their impressions with other guests.

The event became a symbol of respect for the memory and friendship between different communities. All those present expressed deep gratitude to the organizers for conducting such an important and meaningful event.

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