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Yearly results of the voluntary network VCFSU 2022

Yearly results of the voluntary network VCFSU 2022


The year 2022 is already behind us, so we are ready to share our achievements for the past year!

Throughout the whole year we were working hard with only one goal – make the world a better place by doing good deeds!

Daily, 55 voluntary centers in 6 different countries were gathering around people of the most different ages, who were proving their time and energy on a voluntary basis.

Gathering humanitarian help, cleaning up locations, helping animals, packaging and delivery of the food boxes, educational process on how to operate gadgets – this is just a small glimpse of the bigger picture that create our volunteers! It is important to us that volunteers wouldn’t forget to take care of themselves as well, so we hosted almost 800 events to educate and distract our volunteers from a multitude of projects.

We never stay in one place, always analyzing new requests and provide the most effective resolutions. Areas of our effect enlarge year by year. Thus, almost 1700 people from 6 different social categories have been receiving grocery help in one way or another throughout the whole year – from hot meals, to food boxes.

In 2022 we gathered 65 tons of humanitarian help and packaged more than 3500 food boxes, that were delivered to the people in need.

We want to express our gratitude to the people that basically carry our voluntary centers on their shoulders and whiteout who we wouldn’t be able to reach such highs – our volunteers, that are now more than 7000.

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