'Workshop "Balcony Garden"' poster
Vitebsk / Belarus

Workshop "Balcony Garden"

Elderly individuals traditionally planted plants and created a mini estate for themselves.

For Jews around the world, the holiday of Tu BiShvat is an important event eagerly awaited throughout the year. This time, clients of the day center #HesedDavid had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the holiday atmosphere, observing the traditions of Israel, where people plant trees every year - this initiative symbolizes their connection to their land.

Elderly clients of Hesed didn't have to plant trees, but they were able to participate in a series of wonderful workshops on creating a mini garden on their windowsills. It's no secret that golden-agers derive special pleasure from gardening, although they may not always have the physical ability to engage in it.

A windowsill garden is a different story! Participants planted useful greens: parsley, onions, basil, and dill. Four workshops were conducted, and by the end of them, even those who had no prior experience became "avid gardeners"! Participants enthusiastically shared their impressions and gave advice to those who had never engaged in planting before.

The days of the workshops passed unnoticed, leaving participants with a lot of impressions. Soon, the first sprouts will appear, reminding everyone of the important holiday and delighting our wards with the fruits of their labor!

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